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The Amazon Credit Card – Getting The Best Value For Your Money

The Amazon credit card would definitely be a wise investment especially if you spend a lot on shopping in

There are quite a number of credit cards available in the market today. From interest free credit cards, best secured credit cards and even exclusive company credit cards like the Home Depot credit card, to the Amazon credit card.

But what makes the Amazon Credit Card a good buy compared to the rest? You do not even need a credit card calculator here. Just read on.

Amazon credit card overview

The Amazon credit card is based on the Visa credit card system and is issued by the Chase Bank. You can use it just like any other credit card in companies, which accepts payments through Visa. That’s plus points for convenience.

The Amazon credit card also offers many other advantages, which will not only earn you points but also give you rewards. As a matter of fact, you earn reward points for every dollar you spend using the Amazon credit card. and since you can earn points at three different levels, you can earn points quicker and reap your rewards faster.

Types of Amazon credit card

There are primarily three types of Amazon credit card.

The first is the Amazon Store Card. This is a regular card you can use when you go shopping in the Amazon store. If you get this card, you can benefit from special financing deals for your purchases. And you can use these deals primarily for electronic items like computers and cameras.

Another type of Amazon credit card is the Amazon Business Visa Credit Card. Here, you can get instant $30 upon making your first purchase. Not only that, this card will earn you points at the same right as other Visa cards. Meaning, you can get three points for items you buy at Amazon, two points for restaurants, gas stations and drug stores, and one point in other places.

Finally, the third type of account is the Amazon Student. It is not really an Amazon credit card, but it still gives special discounts and promotions that are exclusively for the students. What is best here is that students are free to join without having to pay a cent.

Why get an Amazon Credit Card

The Amazon credit card offers a lot of perks and advantages that you will surely enjoy.

For one, it is very easy to apply for an Amazon credit card. In fact, you can get instant approval within a minute. Thus, you can go shopping immediately using your new credit card.

Second, unlike in other credit cards, you can easily redeem the rewards you earned for using the Amazon credit card. One of the many examples for this is the fact that every 2,500 points you earn gets you a $25 check in return.

Finally, there are no annual fees in the Amazon credit card. At the same time, you can enjoy low APR and a 90-day bonus period where the points you earned using your Amazon credit card can get doubled.